A Movement to reclaim the human foot

What is The Foot Collective?

We exist to provide FOOT HEALTH EDUCATION


Most modern humans have poorly functioning feet

We’re empowering people to learn about and fix their own feet with health advice created by physical therapists

There’s a big problem with modern footwear

The modern shoe is slowly killing the human foot

Footwear companies create products with a focus on profits not foot health

TFC is here to rescue the human foot and spread the truth about footwear

Most footwear today has an elevated heel, narrow forefoot and a slab of foot numbing cushioning between your foot and the ground below you.

Your feet are magically designed to send your brain signals about the ground below you. When they get compressed into cushioned shoes it prevents them from sensing the ground and create snasty upstream effects for our bodies.


Contribute to The Foot Collective

All foot health advice that our practicing therapists and doctors post is free and we want to keep it that way. In order to avoid charging for content we need help covering some of the website costs through contributions from our followers. We want to teach humans how to improve their health independently and if you appreciate and find the information useful please contribute using the link below. Cheers, TFC team

Contributions help us cover the costs of developing the website, site maintenance and to keep the site live and bug free.

TFC team Physical Therapists are now offering Foot Seminars

Helping people restore their foot health through social media can only go so far. Our team of physical therapists have decided to start offering 1 day seminars at interested facilities around the world. If you have a facility and group of people in your area interested, contact us for details on hosting a course.

Click the link below for an outline of topics covered in the seminar and details about registration fees or hosting a course.

Kickstarter Campaign

A campaign to launch a foot health company. One that works for the people instead of profits. A company that hires foot experts from different health fields and creates high quality health advice video content for the collective. A company that creates high quality footwear that’s good for your feet and is affordable. A company that sells its products to collective members for the price they cost to make. Stay tuned for updates on the campaign to create a company by the people for the people.

The Foot Collective on Instagram

For USA residents: click the above link and use discount tfc20 at checkout for 20% off all Vivobarefoot footwear