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A website was the next step forward in our quest to democratize quality foot health information and eventually affordable footwear that’s actually good for the human foot. Right now the world of foot health is a messy one with everyone trying to make a dollar in treating or fixing the epidemic of problems with the human foot. The public and health professionals alike that become so misguided that the elephant in the room – modern day footwear – is the primary source of problems and we need to address it.

Quality education on restoring your own feet is hard to come by so we decided to take a stand. Our instagram content is an effort to change the world of foot health. Teaching the people how to independently take ownership of their bodies and fix issues themselves without having to depend on health professionals. Guidance from a group of health professionals about avoiding the dangers of modern society that harm our feet and a step by step approach on how to restore proper foot health and function.

Instagram limits our ability to educate our followers beyond a picture and a few paragraphs. The blog will be an outlet for our team to post more detail about why your feet matter, how to restore them and tell the world our plan to create a foot health company that is created by the people and works for the people. Removing the hunger for profits, excessive salaries, the inefficiency of retail and providing high quality foot health content. A company that revolutionizes the way we think about how products are developed and purchased. Our 2017 Kickstarter looks to realize a vision that lets a collective of individuals take back control from corporations and create a movement to democratize health and affordable footwear.

Every human has 2 feet and most of those feet aren’t working like nature intended. Your feet form the foundation for your body – without a strong foundation we compensate and eventually run into problems. Most people I see with dysfunctional (not working properly) feet don’t have foot pain. They have problems upstream – low back pain, hip imbalances, knee pain – and most of those problems are a result of a problem with their foundation.  Spread the word to anyone you know and help create awareness of the importance of foot health. Telling friends and family about The Foot Collective means giving them the power to change their health and access quality information about their body for free.

I hope this website is useful to you. Make the decision to work on your feet and see instant changes in your movement and the health of your body. If you find the content useful and can afford to help contribute, any help is appreciated. Contributing to The Foot Collective helps us pay for website creation, maintenance, and hosting and lets us hire a graphic designer to work towards our Kickstarter campaign we aim to launch later in 2017.

The power of many is a strong force. Lets use it to create a revolution in foot health and footwear



Nick St Louis

Physical Therapist

Founder, The Foot Collective

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  • Elle

    I am beyond thankful a true friend led me to your instagram account! I’ve suffered from terrible knee pain since 2000 when I suffered a terrible injury while play sports in HS and had 2 orthoscopic surgeries. Subsequently I went on to study dance in college and unfortunately my knee went out again in 2005. Since then I’ve basically seen knee specialist who none ever consistently told me what I could do to truly regain strength in my knee. Now after reading your posts I’m starting to realize it may have more to do with my foot strength and how I walk that may be an element of the problem. I also have a toddler and we hope to expand our family! My hope is to be able to run around with them! 😊 Do you have any recommendations for a therapist in the Los Angeles area? I’m going to continue e tmy support but any info would be helpful!

    • TFC Team

      Hello Elle – Glad to hear you are getting value from information posted by the TFC team on instagram. Feet are a very misunderstood realm of rehab and their effect on our bodies upstream is immense. Your knee does what its told by your foot and your hip, and your hip only reacts to the information sent to it by your foot. Moral of the story: everything starts at your foundation – the feet. I cannot recommend a specific therapist in the LA area but stay tuned with our instagram – we will be starting a youtube channel soon to post more in depth content with the goal of educating every human to independently work on their bodies without needing to consult with a therapist. Cheers, TFC team

    • Jas

      I love this idea and completely agree with you. Every medical professional pushed orthotics and it just made my plantar faciatis worse. Finally I tried barefoot shoes. All I needed flexibility when I moved. The only draw back is now I have IPK. A podiatrist said I needed orthotics and I never went back. What can I do to fix the IPK problem?

  • Sara Vazquez

    Around a year ago I had a neuroma surgery and physical therapy was provides.during the recovery period. Now, the neuroma has coming back and is bigger. Any advise to treat them.

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