At TFC we feel the root cause of today’s health crisis is how we train health professionals. We’re taking Buckminster Fuller’s advice and creating a new model to replace our current ineffective one – it’s called The Foot Nerd Program.


“Together creating a better foundation for health”



Because learning health should be affordable, accessible and experiential. 

Because collective intelligence is the path to truth. 



By creating a global community of citizen health scientists who share their experience, learn together and keep each other accountable along the lifelong quest for health mastery.  



A guided learning journey designed for those who wish to make a commitment to reclaiming radical responsibility for their physical and mental well being. 

A global network or health nodes co-creating a knowledge base guided by critical thinking and the scientific method. 



Summary of the program:

Who can apply? Anyone who has the motivation to be part of a global tribe of humans looking to change the world of health. 

– An online program housed within FNP App which contains written, video, and audio content. 

– Experiential projects that help you apply what you’re learning.

– Graduation: Create a 10 minute reflection video or written paper that includes your challenges, wins, and insights from your learning journey. 

Expanded program information:

Core values

Our shared mission: help people rediscover health

  • Always seek and speak the truth
  • Practice what you preach. BE the example
  • Use the scientific method as your guide
  • Create fun and don’t be afraid to be weird
  • Embrace change
  • Pursue a life of growth and learning
  • Build open and honest relationships with communication
  • Be humble
  • Maintain your health so you are fit for service
  • Be adventurous, creative and open minded
  • Be radically accepting of others
  • Seek continual improvement

Lifelong learning

We started the Foot Nerd program with a focus on foot health but that was just the start. As the curriculum evolved, our growing community is took the same approach we did with feet to every other pillar of health. Our focus has expanded to now include the topics of sleep, food, movement, mental health and community – what we consider to be the 5 pillars of health. 

With the right mindset and motivation to learn, anyone can become well informed about health as a whole. Our role as a community of health educators is to research, distill and translate the pillars of health into simple, actionable advice that people can use to empower themselves in reconnecting with health. 

Our entire community still has a lot to learn. Books to read, new science to evaluate and a body you can constantly learn from. Together we form a learning machine able to consume the latest knowledge and contribute back to the curriculum in order to keep our community informed. 

Opportunity to earn income

One of our major goals at the FNP is to not only provide a learning platform but to create opportunities for Nerds to earn income after completing basic training. Paid research work, leading health experiences and eventually connecting with people through TFC Connect for 1 on 1 coaching and guidance – creating opportunities that allow Nerds to be compensated for helping others is a major pillar of the project.

As a meritocracy, those who contribute the most will be given the best opportunities to travel, lead events and create amazing health education experiences with the support of TFC. 


2021 program enrolment fee: $2,100 + $350 Student pack ($CAD)

Included in your enrolment fees:
  • Lifetime access to the program content as it improves and evolves
  • Access to our community discussion platforms
  • Support along your journey and accountability provided as needed by the nerd helper team


Your FNP student pack contains: 

  • Books (Tiny Habits, Move Your DNA, In Defence of Food, The Little Book of Being, New Old Way)
  • Nerd logbook
  • Nerd edition 24″ maple balance beam, Classic 24″ green beam
  • Foot restoration kits (x5), Wild Toes (x5)
  • TFC t-shirt
  • Hacky sack
  • TFC stainless steel water bottle 


Graduating from the program:

  • Foot Nerd product discounts
  • Free attendance to all TFC events
  • Coaching from faculty and instructors on delivering education events
  • Invitation to teach at TFC events and to instructor development camps, Nerd meet ups


Enrolment fee allocation

25%    Program experience

20%    Teachers

20%    FNP App

15%    Admin

10%    Research

10%    Marketing


Your ideal life

Few people spend time to think about what their ideal life looks like and the first step to achieving your dream life is determining what that actually means. For many it includes meaningful work, meaningful relationships, a healthy work/life balance and earning a living doing something that you love and gives a deeper reward than money. Living an intentional, purposeful life that you are in control of. 

This life will change as you change and that is exactly what should happen. Our goal with Foot Nerd program selections is to attract a community of humans that find purpose in helping others reconnect with health. We aim to provide the best education possible and then offer the opportunity to make a living doing what you love. 

Becoming a member of this community gives you the full support of the FNP and we promise to do our best to inspire you, help you grow and give you opportunities based on your goals in order to pursue a life filled with purpose, happiness and whatever elements you personally find important. 

In order to live your ideal life you first need to plan out what matters to you. The faculty team is not only here to support you academically but also to help you figure out what an ideal life really means to you. Your vision will change, the realization of that vision will be a constant work in progress and we are here to help you get there by creating a plan. 

If you’re ready for a challenge and want to join our community you can get in touch by emailing and someone from our team will send you everything you need to apply. 

Applications are accepted anytime and we look forward to learning and working together. 



Nick St Louis, Chief Foot Nerd