Annual admission windows: February, June, October


Next application period starts in September for the final 2019 group accepted in October


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Because its time to change the way we train health professionals. Current health education institutions teach disease management without first teaching health and its gotten us into trouble.

The internet has created a connected planet and it’s time for a digital, decentralized, global, science-based, affordable and education platform that can teach the next generation of health educators on how to help humans rediscover health.



Solving the worlds biggest problems (…and health is a really BIG problem right now) requires collective action. The Foot Nerd program creates a platform that brings together a global community of health advocates to learn from and contribute to a constantly evolving curriculum. A curriculum that starts at the feet and covers every pillar of health to deliver a practical understanding of how to guide others back to optimal health. 



A digital, science-based curriculum that evolves though decentralized knowledge contribution from our global community. An App that delivers free health education to anyone with internet access and offers the opportunity to connect with Foot Nerds for 1:1 guidance and accountability during your journey back to health. 


Summary of the program:

– Appox 200 hours of study (written/audio/video content and a practical movement practice)

– 3 projects, 30 minute final Skype exam

– Graduation gets you listed on our public registry of Foot Nerds available through the TFC App and provides the opportunity to eventually deliver seminars/workshops (and get paid to do it)

– Curriculum: 6 written modules, 3 textbooks (included in tuition), 13 articles, 19 podcasts, 9 videos, 40+ movement & mobilization videos, online access to filmed TFC seminar and workshop 1.0 (and we are continually adding to this list and evolving the content on a monthly basis)

– Class of 2019: 100 people accepted (26 in Feb, 30 in June, 44 in October)

– 2019 Tuition: $1,750 CAD (one time fee, includes lifetime access to the program curriculum as it continues to evolve)


For more details about the program you can download our 2019 program information PDF available to download below:




Why create the Foot Nerd Program? [expanded version]


Because we’re currently in the middle of a health crisis. Modern day life has not been kind to the human body and its costing us big time in both our mental and physical health. Sitting in chairs, wearing poor footwear, a lack of movement, replacing in person communication with digital connectivity – all of these things create a perfect storm that cause our minds and bodies to break down prematurely and people are lost.

The current “healthcare system” is really a sick care system. We wait until people get injured and manage their symptoms without ever addressing the root cause of why the issues are persisting. We manage disease but don’t teach health and its not sustainable.

The Foot Nerd program was created as a platform that brings together a global community of people interested in helping to solve the health crisis. A combined effort to crowdfund a health education platform that remains current, is constantly evolving and establishes a level of competence in teaching effective health education. A global tribe on a mission to empower humans to understand the simplicity of optimal health and help others.

Our team of therapists at TFC have spent the last 3 years learning as much as possible about effectively restoring the health of the human foot. After 3 years of science (not just the kind that you read in a journal – objective, repeatable science by working on ourselves and patients we treat), our team has witnessed results to the point that we feel confident sharing it with others as an effective approach to improve the function of the human machine starting at the feet and hips. We don’t claim to know everything or have the best approach but we do know that it WORKS and the system is based on logic, reason, use of the scientific method, physiological and biological consideration and an unbiased mission to restore strong, functional and painfree bodies.

The Foot Nerd program delivers an online training platform that gives you access to what we’ve learned until now (and continue to learn) and will eventually help connect you with people in need of help.

You don’t need to be a health professional to be a Foot Nerd although physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists and movement coaches are great candidates.

The curriculum includes online education modules, audio podcasts, published articles, mandatory textbooks, recommended readings and an appendix of videos. Graduating from the program includes being listed on our online global Foot Nerd registry and the eventual opportunity to teach workshops and seminars around the world (and get paid to do it !!!!).

In a perfect world we would do this and not worry about making money but the reality is that in order for the education platform to grow, reach more people and change the world of health (starting at the feet), it requires funding. With that said, the FN program is a [net zero] division of TFC. That means all profits are re-invested into the program and no individual or company (including TFC) will ever profit from the program. TFC simply acts to oversee the program and provide staff to administer it. That promise includes full financial transparency to anyone enrolled in the program with quarterly finance calls covering where the program financial resources have been allocated.



Nick St Louis

CEO, Chief Foot Nerd