2020 marks the beginning of a new time at TFC. Our journey into health began with a focus on feet & hips but its time to go beyond our foundation and expand into all 5 pillars of health: Sleep, Food, Movement, Mental Health and Community

Our team at HQ has gone back to the drawing board and created brand new education events for 2020. We’re taking the same approach we took with feet and applying it to other important topics in the world of health that are in serious need of clarification.

Our first three 2020 education events released in Q1 of 2020 will be:

  • The Health Workshop (2.5hrs)
  • The Sleep Workshop (2.5hrs)
  • 1-day Seminar (7hrs)

All events are open to anyone looking to improve their knowledge when it comes to the body and how to improve your daily habits and lifestyle to restore optimal physical, mental and spiritual health. Below you will find descriptions of what we cover in each session along with tentative dates scheduled for Q1 of 2020:

The Health Workshop








2019 schedule


– Columbus, Ohio: Saturday October 20, 2019 [seminar]

– Boston: Saturday October 26, 2019 [seminar]



Toronto, Canada: Saturday November 2, 2019 [seminar]

Minneapolis, MN: Saturday November 2, 2019 [Workshop 1.0]

Toronto, Canada: Sunday November 3, 2019 [Sleep & Play workshop]

Birmingham, England: Saturday November 16, 2019 [SOLD OUT]

London, UK: Sunday November 17, 2019 [SOLD OUT]