Welcome to the landing page for our upcoming Natural Podiatry community.

Why? Because for sustainable results, the profession of podiatry must prioritize restoring natural function of the human foot and because community of aligned individuals is the key to change.

How? Assemble like minded podiatrists and create a constantly evolving knowledge database.

What? Membership based community that offers education, a practitioner directory, business model templates and a monthly podcast featuring community members.



Manifesto (v1.0)

I am a natural podiatrist.

I take full responsibility for my health and find purpose in guiding others along their path of self discovery.

I use orthotics as a tool, not a solution and I always have an exit strategy.

My primary objective with each patient is to help them restore natural foot function.

I believe that when provided with the right inputs, the body is a self organizing and self healing system.

I view the foot as a subsystem of the body and focus on integration instead of isolation.

I educate my patients on the principles of natural footwear and explain how the shoes they wear affects their feet and movement patterns. 

I believe the default state for the human foot is strong, mobile, resilient and painfree.

I’m open minded, curious, and view myself as a guide, not a fixer. I believe that with understanding, people become able to fix their problems.

I collaborate with a community of like minded podiatrists to evolve our profession.

By employing critical thinking and the scientific method, I become immune to dogma and willing to learn.  

I believe the body requires movement to function optimally.

My guidance is provided through the lens of whole body integration, not through the isolation of the foot.

I seek mastery in my own health and lead by example for the people who I help.

I am a natural podiatrist and I find purpose in the daily challenge of helping to improve foot health awareness.


Coming soon:

– Membership details: Annual fees, what’s included

– Revenue allocation schedule: details on how annual membership fees are spent

– Application process: How to apply, member expectations

– Roles within the community

– Architecture for decentralized governance: Voting on major decisions, electing leadership council


Podiatry 2.0 podcast episodes: