Spending as much time barefoot as you can is a crucial element in achieving optimal foot health but in todays society, footwear is a necessary piece of clothing that everyone must use at some point. We’re setting out to change an industry that has lost its way. An industry that is now harming our bodies and the environment with the products they make. When an entire industry is creating problems for humans and doesn’t seem to want to make the necessary changes, it takes a crazy group of people to lead the charge. We are proud to announce that TFC is officially embarking on the journey to create footwear for the people with a crowdfunding launch of our first model in January 2021.

As part of our collective mission to change how footwear is made, we promise to keep everyone involved every step of the way by updating this page regularly to provide an insider view to our process. We always aim to be very transparent in everything we do because we feel transparency creates accountability. We work for the collective to achieve something together that cannot be done by a single entity or individual.

Our team is committed to completing this mission and we hope you enjoy the ride with us by following along and contributing to the conversation of how we can make the best footwear in the world.

Things are still very preliminary with TFC footwear but we will eventually need to recruit a skilled team of humans from around the globe that share the same drive to change the world of footwear. Whether you are a graphic designer, material scientist, a skilled maker or someone that wants to help spread the word in their local community – we would love the help. If you are interested in joining the project simply email tfcfootwear2020@gmail.com and someone from our team will get back to you as soon as we can.



Inspired by a recent book I read called “Let my people go surfing” written by the founder of Patagonia – Yvon Chouinard, we begin our journey by laying out our product design philosophy and prioritizing what matters before embarking on the design process.

Product Design Philosophy


Is it Functional?

When it comes to clothing, this first one is arguably the most important. Clothing is used for the purpose of protecting the human body from the environment. Whether its from temperature extremes, keeping us dry or to protect our body from physical harm – clothing is used to protect the body.

The first precept of industrial design is that the function of an object should determine its design and materials. Applied to footwear, this means that a shoe must function to protect the foot from damage while allowing uninhibited function of our very important foundational body part and ground sensor.

It seems that somewhere along the way the footwear industry forgot that function always comes first. They crafted the marketing idea that our feet are flawed and that they require external “technologies” to help them function optimally. They were wrong and its now costing us the health of our feet and creating problems upstream.

Your foot doesn’t need cushioning, it doesn’t need arch support – it needs protection. Protection from a thin layer of material under the sole of your foot and a way to fasten it to the body that feels like nothing is there.

TFC Footwear is getting back to base principles to create a pure piece of clothing for the foot that protects the foot from damage using as minimal material as possible and without compromising optimal function.

Is it Multifunctional?

Is it Durable?


Does it fit?

Is it as simple as possible?

Is the product line simple?

Is it an innovation or an invention?

Is it a global design?

Is it easy to care for and clean?

Does it have any added value?

Is it Authentic?

Is it Beautiful?

Are we simply chasing fashion?

Does it cause unnecessary harm?

Does the design minimize our environmental impact?