It’s time to blaze a new path in an industry that’s currently costing us the health of our bodies and of our environment.


Although the journey has already begun, TFC is around to announce that we officially embarking on the mission to change the footwear industry with the release of our first production model in 2021 (crowdfunding launches Q1 2021)


The concept


Crowdfund functional, durable, responsibly manufactured foot protection made by the people, for the people with 100% transparency


Preliminary plans


  1. Create and refine a new way of fitting footwear:  Universal Footwear Sizing


Why is it so hard to find footwear that fits? We believe a big reason is because of the confusing world of footwear sizing. US, UK, EUR, Mondo, Men’s, Women’s, Junior’s – it’s all very confusing and time for a change.

Simple solution? Create a sizing system where all you need in order to know your size is a ruler and a pencil. A system based on two variables: 1) The length (in cm) from the middle of your heel bone to the tip of your big toe, 2) The width from the medial border of your big toe to the lateral border of your smallest toe when space is created between each toe (the natural state of feet)




Leading up to our official 2021 debut, our team will be having conversations with current leaders in the spaces of foot health, footwear design, materials innovation and sustainable manufacturing. In an effort to keep everyone interested in following our journey in the loop, we will be posting those conversations below so you can listen to them and stay updated.


December 1, 2019: The Future of Footwear Zoom conversation between Tim Brennan, Jeff Shub and Nick St Louis. Link to recording: