May 7

Hey All – just a few housekeeping items:

  • The Feb group internal registry lists everyone and their personal emails if you ever need to get in touch with another nerd in your class through that channel. Accessible by clicking HERE
  • The Slack platform is looking great so far. I sent an invite to everyone – check your spam folder if you haven’t received it. Happy to arrange a call to walk through its use with anyone having difficulties navigating
  • Please ensure to schedule a call with me in May just to touch base and chat quick. Can be only a few minutes if need be and I’m happy to be flexible if you aren’t available on a Thursday
  • Make sure to clarify with Liv whether your call is for the intro chat or for your Skype exam. Set aside 30 minutes if its for the exam and please ensure a good internet connection. Will talk more about the exam on this weeks call
  • Group Zoom call will be switched to Sundays at 9pm EST from now on, will send that invite out on Thursday. If you can’t tune in I will always record and post to the update portal shortly after the call. Aussie Nerd call is Tuesdays at 9:30pm Aussie time. Both these times can be modified in future to whatever suits the most people

Hope everyone is having a great week. I’m in the office and available all day Thursday




Zoom meeting minutes [May 2 call]


Click HERE to access Video recording of the call

Click HERE to access the Audio only recording of the call (so you don’t have to see my silly mug on camera)


Hey Everyone – Thanks for tuning in if you were available and for listening to the recording if you were busy. Here are the minutes of the topics we covered on the call (sorry its so lengthy for this first one):

  • Weekly Australia call TBD. With the difference from EST being 14 hours head (Canberra time) I would suggest that maybe a Wednesday 6:00am EST call which is 10pm Thursday night Australia time could work. I will create a WhatsApp group for the Aussie foot nerds and we can find a time that works for most people. 
  • New Zoom call meeting time proposal: Sunday at 9pm EST. Let us know what you think by sending a direct message to the faculty over WhatsApp with your two most ideal times and we will figure out a time that works for the majority. They will always be recorded so no worries if you aren’t available.
  • Olivia (aka Liv) is our first Nerd Support team member. Everyone should have received an intro email from her (if you didn’t please message me over WhatsApp so I can get the correct email on file). Email her with any general questions, to schedule a call with faculty, schedule your Skype exam or to submit equipment/product orders.
  • Initial Nerd product discounts: Accessories (50% off), Beams (30% off), Footwear (25% off), Clothing (25% off). These might change in future but this gets us started. Please make sure the style/size you want for footwear is available online before submitting the request. Footwear is for personal nerd use only (includes immediate family members), the other products can be purchased to sell to your own clients/patients. 
  • Update portal (this page) is your go-to weekly news feed for the FNP. I will post access to all call recordings and also other relevant updates on Thursdays during office hours. 
  • Nerd mail: you don’t need to use it right now, will be useful long term to have a dedicated Foot Nerd email if/when TFC becomes a bigger part of your life in terms of income generation from giving workshops/seminars or from TFC connect. Also looks good for everyone on the online registry to have a consistent contact email. 
  • 2 new core textbooks added for the program starting with June group (Deskbound by Kelly Starrett and Simple steps to foot pain relief by Katy Bowman) which is why tuition increased by $100. Curious to hear thoughts about The barefoot book. Thought it was a light, fun and informative intro read but Jeff mentioned it might not be serious enough for the program. Would love to hear the groups thoughts about whether to keep or scrap it as a core textbook moving forward. 
  • Spreadsheet based curriculum is clunky and not very user friendly – will be switching to online based program with Thinkific platform. Will keep everyone updated when that goes live.
  • Movnat/Katy Bowman online course – purchased it for the program (both for content and to see how Thinkific looks as a platform), hopefully Erwan is okay with us all using the central login to access the content. If he isn’t I will ask about a group rate and if it makes sense financially I will get us all access. Only a few modules in but its great content so far. 
  • 1.1 curriculum spreadsheet update with 2 modules added (locomotion, training/movement) coming within next few weeks. Videos will be filmed and updated as well to fill in the blanks in the resources tab.
  • Nerds journey PDF – clarifying pathway from being accepted to graduating with Skype exam and beyond. Should help give a clearer picture of what going through the program looks like and will timeline options to complete the program. 
  • Skype exam: 20-30 minute informal skype chat with faculty to make sure you are able to answer basic questions that you will be asked when people begin contacting you from the online nerd registry. If you went through all the material you have nothing to be nervous about. Feedback will be given on the answers given and we aren’t trying to trick anyone. 
  • Facebook foot nerds group as another communication platform. Individual class groups and a global foot nerd group
  • “Slack” platform trial for communication. Exploring optimal “forum” platforms to allow the community to pitch in on good discussions. 
  • “Organizing a workshop” PDF in the works. All the info you need to set up your first workshop after graduating from the program. Budgets will be included that will lay out workshop/seminar revenue allocation. 
  • Financial update by end of May regarding where the tuition resources have been spent
  • All courses taken on behalf of FNP will also have a full report provided with all relevant info taken from the course
  • Intro calls with all Foot Nerds done in May, informal, email Liv to schedule a time to chat with faculty
  • Online workshop and seminar available at – lots of improvement potential but pretty happy with our first digital offering
  • 2020 filming in Ventura, CA will be done in May. 2 day health experience including sections on sleep, nutrition, cold exposure option, movement, breath….etc. Lots of time to plan this and will have a certain amount of spots dedicated to foot nerds who want to attend or deliver a section of the session. 
  • Costa Rica Feb 2020 retreat. Possibly a Nerd retreat for those interested. More info coming on this later on
  • Footwear Biomech symposium end of July – will have a report sent out about interesting info from that
  • All workshops/seminars free for Foot Nerds, email Liv and we will put you on the registration list
  • We are on the path to discovering the truth together. To get there we need to challenge our thinking and any feedback/input from the community is always appreciated (especially the improvement suggestions)


Have a great week everyone



April 23

Hey everyone – I hope you all had a great Easter weekend. Sorry for the hiatus, the past weeks have been quite busy but now things are back on track at TFC HQ and there will be lots of time in the coming months dedicated to evolving the FNP and speaking to everyone individually about the experience so far and how we can improve it. A few things:

  • The most powerful element of the FNP is community. Connecting with like minded health advocates from around the world to discuss important topics and support each other in our individual efforts. In an effort to improve communication within the community we will be starting a regular weekly online meeting using Zoom. It will be an open dialogue to update the everyone about whats going on at TFC, to get feedback on the program, to challenges ourselves to continue evolving and to communicate on a more personal level. The weekly meeting will be held at 10am EST every Thursday morning with as few exceptions as possible on our end.
  • Faculty office hours for the coming months will be Thursdays from 8am to 4pm EST. We are here to support you – whether its a quick chat, a question about your projects, or feedback on how we can improve the FNP experience – we work for the community and are always here to help.
  • Foot Nerd “Journey” PDF: Based on feedback from several people, I am currently creating a PDF that gives a roadmap of the program from admission to your final Skype exam and everything in between. We are still figuring out what the optimal experience is for someone taking the program and its your feedback that helps us improve. That PDF should be ready by end of next week and I will post it here. 
  • Transitioning from a spreadsheet based program to an online teaching platform. The FNP curriculum 1.0 is a diamond in the rough. Its clunky, its complicated and it gave us a start. I’m the first to say that both the content and the layout have a Looooooot of room for improvement and we’re committed to constantly evolving it. I’m currently exploring a few platform options that we can use to improve the delivery and will keep everyone in the loop
  • Online seminar and workshop 1.0: Every year TFC will film our flagship seminar and workshop 1.0 to offer them as digital products. All profits will be reinvested into the following years event so we can improve the video production quality, give more resources and ensure a better experience. The seminar will be $60USD and the workshop will be $20. Should be launching online in the coming weeks and will let everyone know when it does. 


That’s it for now. Hope you all have a great week




March 28

Hey Folks – hope everyone is doing great. Few things:

  • I created an internal Foot Nerd registry for the Feb 2019 group so you have everyone else’s information if you want to connect by email or through social media. Here is the link to that: (let me know if I made any errors/typos).
  • Luke Sumpter transferred to the June group and James Dooner (director of TFC Australia) took his spot. Clayton Weakley (director of TFC USA) also joined as our bonus 26th member of the Feb 2019 group. That officially wraps up the final group of 26. I’m honoured and look forward to working alongside everyone from this amazing maiden group of the program. We are creating something very special and its this first group that kicked us off. That will not be forgotten – program seniority matters when we book seminars + workshops each year.
  • Your individual FN ID code is simply for us to keep track of everyone in the system and will be used later on for bookkeeping with Seminars/Workshops and also for TFC/CH connect which is an online consult platform we plan to develop in future. 
  • Kaua’i visit – I recently visited Braxton Garma for a weekend at his home/work studio in Kaua’i Hawaii and we had some amazing conversations about TFC Footwear. We have a lot of work to get done leading up to the 2020 crowdfunding campaign but it was a very productive weekend and we have a clear vision of what our plan is. The goal is to raise the bar for the entire footwear industry by creating a functional, high quality shoe starting with the FC1 and working towards the FC3 – an affordable ($70 USD is the goal), well built shoe that delivers more value than anything currently available. We will keep you updated on the journey. Braxton and I recorded our first “Shoe Talk” episode for the podcast and it should air next week – gives a bit of insight into the vision for TFC Footwear and would love to hear everyones feedback. 


March 18

Hey everyone – hope everyone is having a good Monday to kick off the week. Few things:

  • Final Skype exam scheduling: After working your way through the curriculum and completing the project submissions, the next step before you are ready to schedule your first official workshop (if it’s something you want to do) is the final Skype exam. The exam is to establish a baseline level of competency in answering common questions that you will likely encounter when people start contacting you for help. The exam puts in place a quality control element and gives strength to the “Foot Nerd” title and being listed on the online registry. When you are ready to schedule your exam simply contact the faculty and we can set a date.
  • Paying tuition was an investment to crowdfund the start of an online education platform that will evolve as time passes. It Also means that you now have access to attend any TFC seminar or workshop around the world free of charge, just email faculty in advance so we can add you to the registration sheet for the session.


Evolution through challenge

I recently listened to an audiobook called “radical candor” (thanks Jeff Shub for the recommendation) and in it they talk about an important concept: challenge. The concept of openly challenging leaders on information they put out or on decisions they make without fear will be a powerful element for us to improve the curriculum. I encourage each and every Foot Nerd to challenge the curriculum content. To put forth arguments or viewpoints that are different than what is currently written and to create an open forum to discuss the topic within the group. For an organism to evolve it must face challenge and to avoid the Foot Nerd program becoming an echo chamber we must never be afraid to challenge each other. 


Costa Rica

Teaching on the retreat this past week in Costa Rica was an amazing experience. I had a lot of time to speak with the owner and hosting group while there and to think of how beneficial it would be to gather all Foot Nerds in a location to discuss the program, how to improve the seminar, evolving the business structure to support Nerds on their journey of shaping the type of life they want, having group discussions on future concepts etc. Being immersed in nature, building community bonds, exploring the capabilities of our physical bodies and how best to teach others – it is the perfect environment for a major Nerd gathering.

Our first big Foot Nerd retreat is tentatively scheduled for Feb/March 2021 and the planning starts now. A portion of any revenue generated from seminars/workshops that you deliver is placed into a travel account. These funds can be used to deliver educations sessions abroad, attend a session abroad or to pay for your annual retreat fees. Nerd retreats are non-profit and we will do our best to make them as affordable as possible for everybody. Things are very preliminary right now but priority will be given according to seniority in the program so everyone in the Feb group will have the opportunity to attend before spots are offered to subsequent admission groups. 


Hope everyone has a great week. March is a bit crazy with travel but starting in April things will be back to a more normal schedule. Never hesitate to email faculty with questions or give us a call on WhatsApp audio for a quick chat. 





March 5 update

Hello fellow foot nerds. I hope some of you have had a chance to review the curriculum and gotten a taste of the content. Criticism and feedback is the path to improvement and is how the curriculum will improve so please do not be shy to send us ways to improve the content or to submit research papers, podcasts or books that we have not included. 

The team at TFC media has done an awesome job getting the filmed seminar formatted and edited. I deleted the folder in the Foot Nerd dropbox titled “2019 filmed seminar” and you can now use the link below to access all 5 blocks of the filmed seminar as well as the workshop 1.0 that we filmed in Santa Barbara:

We will be releasing a workshop training module within the curriculum in the coming months but until then feel free to watch the online version and take notes – this will be your primary tool to learn how to give a workshop yourself eventually. 

We had one Foot Nerd from the initial group of 25 transfer to the June group so we admitted another person and once everyone is set up in the system I will do an official introduction and post everyones details here for all foot nerds to see. 

Talk to you soon, have a great week.



Feb 28 update

Hey Everyone, hope your week is going well. Version 1.0 of the curriculum is officially online and anyone who has paid tuition has been sent a dropbox link to access it. The first version of the curriculum isn’t perfect but its a start.

The ethos of the FNP is “Kaizen” (took this badass word from Teya who spoke of it in her application video – full credit to her). Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning continuous improvement. The curriculum is modular for a reason – it allows us to make frequent, small updates to improve it. As a foot nerd, your feedback is what guides the evolution of the program. If at any time you wish to re-write a section, film content, suggest a video or podcast to be used within the program please email it our way and we will implement it immediately if we find it to be an improvement from the current section or of value to add.

Writing has never been a strength of mine so some of the written content might be a bit clunky (lots of room for improvement). I’ve done my best to give us a start and I hope you find the information gives you a good base to begin your journey with. 

We will be posting an update mid April with curriculum 1.1 and will highlight all sections that have been improved/new content added so you know where to look. Only the first section of the filmed seminar is ready right now but the remaining sections and the filmed workshop 1.0 should be ready within a few weeks and I will add them to the dropbox Foot Nerd folder right away. We will fill in the rest of the screens/movements/mobs links with the April 1.1 update. 

If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out via WhatsApp or email – FNP faculty is here to help. 




Feb 4 update

Hey All – Thanks for getting us your WhatsApp coordinates. Because it’s friendly to both iOS and android it will be our main communication medium until we find something better. Starting in March we will have a dedicated day each week (probably Tuesdays) for office hours where someone will be available all day to respond to messages, emails or have a chat over the phone. 


Nerd mail

Eventually everyone will be listed on the TFC main site Foot Nerd registry and part of your bio includes a contact email. This can be used by anyone in your local area that wants to get in touch about scheduling a session with you and to make things consistent we would like to create a standard template for Foot Nerds to use. 

Gmail is free so we will be starting with that until we have our own in house web team taking care of accounts. 

Template: (first name)(last name initials)

example: Nick St Louis would be

Once you get a chance to create that, send us an email at to confirm. Feel free to reach out with a WhatsApp message if you have any questions. 


Social Media

Instagram is a strange place. For most modern humans its an unhealthy tool hacking our consciousness by taking advantage of our primal dopamine pathways responding to novelty……BUT…..TFC would not be where it is today without it so it does have a utility. With the intention of helping people with quality health education, social media can be a powerful voice to reach others and spread a positive message. 

As a Foot Nerd, using social media isn’t mandatory but can have some major benefits in terms of building local awareness for workshops, seminars, and movement sessions; connecting you with other like minded people and most of all – it can be an amazing tool to share your learning journey with anyone on the planet interested in what you’re doing. 

Our team has been using instagram since 2015 and since then have learned a lot. We put together a small PDF – “A Foot Nerd’s guide to instagram” with some tips about using instagram and how to get the most from it.

PDF can be viewed/downloaded at this dropbox link:


A small appetizer of curriculum content (for those who want to start filling their brain with info before March 1)

  • A video, article, podcast and mini assignment to get the ball rolling


Video: Awesome Video by Gray Cook about reconnecting with your movement path (he starts at 3:00)

Article: Article by William Rossi – “Footwear: The primary cause of foot disorders”:


Podcast: Irene Davis on the foot core: 


Assignment #1: Start working on your single leg balance with eyes closed (barefoot of course). Standard: 1 minute without touching the floor (if you just started a new foot nerd instagram account, your first attempt is a great first video that captures the start of your personal journey to reclaiming a functional body).


Jan 30 Update

Few things: I’m creating a WhatsApp group for foot nerds, if you don’t have the app I would recommend checking it out and emailing me your number so I can add you to the group. 

I’m working to try and get a PDF of Deskbound from Kelly Starrett to send everyone. Amazing resource and a staple curriculum textbook if we can get access for a good price (exactly the type of thing the pooled tuition resources helps pay for).

Working on a “Foot Nerds user guide to instagram”. Instagram can be a strange and unhealthy platform for people at times but it can also be a powerful way to spread health education. Without instagram TFC wouldn’t be anywhere close to where we are right now. Not mandatory to use Instagram as a Foot Nerd but if you create a professional profile in line with the Foot Nerd “template” it can be a great way to creatively educate people as you continue to learn and gives us the ability to support you by re-posting your content.


Welcome Foot Nerds!!

If you received this link it means you are officially admitted to our new online health education program, Congratulations!!!!!

Out of 90 (19 Canada, 34 USA, 7 Australia, 30 International) e-mail applications received you are the 25 humans chosen to join the TFC tribe as part of the Foot Nerd program, class of 2019 [Feb group]. Welcome to the special forces of health (…starting at the feet)

We apologize for the delay in releasing the curriculum but we wouldn’t be doing the program justice by releasing it without including the content we’re about to film on Feb 9 at our Los Angeles seminar. 

Tuition can be paid anytime between now and March 3, 2019 (midnight EST) and the program will be ready for you to access on March 1, 2019. Payment can be made by clicking HERE (literally click on the word) and proceeding through checkout – we accept major credit cards and PayPal. Within 24 hours of your purchase being made you will receive an email from Nick. 

This month has been a busy one and trying to choose 25 people from a group of 90 that each put their soul into an application and a video is one of the hardest things I’ve done (However, 84 of them will be accepted later in 2019 so that made it easier).

I look forward to learning from you and alongside you as we work to empower humans around the world to restore optimal health by better understanding their body and how to take care of it. Enjoy the journey of consuming knowledge and maintaining a burning desire to consistently seek truth while challenging your current ways of thinking.



Jan 14

A call for blog submissions from all Foot Nerds. Reading e-mail applications has been an amazingly inspiring experience and we’re looking for submissions to share on revamped blog section of the website. It can be about your personal story, a case with a patient/client or anything really. Looking to post a short submission weekly to inspire others to go barefoot, get back to running or to start spending time working on their body.

Jan 13

Updated timeline for FNP application process:

– E-mail application submission deadline extended from Jan 13 to Jan 15 at midnight EST

– Jan 16: E-mail applicants receive update about whether they make it to the video submission stage, video submission instructions given

– Jan 20 (midnight EST) Video submissions close