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We hope that everyone is coping well with the current global challenge we face with COVID-19 and the uncertain times ahead. In an effort to keep our community informed, we have created this page to counter the misinformation and chaos with truth and calm.

We plan to intermittently add high quality information from reputable sources to this page so our community has a reliable source of knowledge through these fast changing, uncertain times. 

May 26: New content

Click HERE to listen to a great podcast by Tony Robbins where he interviews a panel of doctors and scientists to unmask the science you aren’t hearing from the mainstream media about COVID19. 


May 14: New content

Title seems clickbaity but I assure you this is an extremely interesting and insightful video about the current situation 


April 20: New content

Interesting perspective on how we get back to work after COVID


Click HERE for a link to a podcast Nick and Mike recorded about immune function and thoughts on COVID19 management in Ottawa


April 6: New content

Interesting perspective on the current situation and how we are dealing with it

April 2: New content

– Click HERE for an amazing article by Yuval Noah Harari that gives great insight to what our world might look like after COVID19 and the choices that we must make today that will shape our future. 


Great conversation featuring Michael Osterholm and Peter Attia (March 31):


Great conversation featuring Peter Hotez and Joe Rogan (April 1):


Insightful words from Dr. John Ioannidis about the current evidence and data oversight fueling the current problem (March 25):


– China had a 24 hour period with no new cases for first time since the initial outbreak of COVID. They also updated their data on estimated mortality rate from COVID: initially 2-3.5% and now 1.4% which is much lower and a very good sign. Seems like things are starting to settle down a bit at the epicentre of where the virus originated so hopefully its a sign of things to come for the rest of the world. 


Summary of important points from our research so far (as of March 16, 2020)

General information

– Nomenclature: Covid-19 is the name of the disease presentation (designated by the World Health Organization or WHO) causative agent is the SARS-CoV-2 virus (CoV meaning Corona Virus).

– SARS2 is different from SARS1 which broke out in 2003 from China and affected Toronto, Canada.

Corona Virus isn’t new: we have had 3 major pandemics caused by Corona Viruses so far in the 21st century. 2003 with SARS1 in, 2012 pandemic with MERS (middle eastern respiratory virus) that came out of Saudi Arabia, this is now the third one (SARS2).

– Although the current SARS2 isn’t as deadly as SARS1 or MERS, it is concerning because of its high mortality potential and high transmissibility. Because the current virus has a symptom free incubation period (with SARS1 and MERS you got very sick if you had it so went directly to hospital) and is only fatal for certain groups, it creates the potential for high mortality despite not being as deadly for the average person.

Risk factors: Over the age of 70, having underlying disability (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease), possible those on immunosuppressive medications (no data on this yet), healthcare workers (regardless of age, not yet known why yet), first responders. 

– Due to the safety requirements for a vaccine and the complex nature of how Corona viruses interact with vaccines (can actually make things worse), we shouldn’t expect an effective vaccine anytime soon. 

– A fomite is any inanimate object, that when contaminated with or exposed to an infectious agents, can transfer disease to a new host. Fomite transmission initial data (from NEJSM) show the following results: plastic – 72hrs, cardboard – 48hrs, steel – 24hrs, copper 8 to 24hrs. What does this mean? It can be transferred on surfaces which increases transmissibility concerns. 

R0 (R not or R zero): the reproduction number of an infection. It’s number of people who will get infected if a single individual has the virus. Current estimate according to Peter Hotez is roughly 2-4 people infected per individual carrying the virus (depends on a lot of things but this is quite high – seasonal flu is around 1.2 for comparison)

Fatality rate (as of March 14) is between 0.6 and 3.4% – this is between 4-20x higher than influenza. Older population mortality rate is 10-20% which presents a very significant challenge for these populations. 


Reducing the spread

– Because of the danger to older people and the potential threat to the stability of our healthcare facilities considering the potential increase in number of infected and sick individuals, we recommend that everyone takes action to prevent the spread.

– Things you can do: social distancing (don’t interact with groups of people if not needed), avoid contact with health professionals and first responders as able, avoid all non-essential travel.


Protecting yourself

– Your most powerful defence against the virus is boosting your health and maintaining a strong immune system. Prioritize optimal sleep every night, eat real food, get outside and move everyday, have a daily mental health practice (meditation), avoid misinformation and hysteria in the media, keep updated. 


Facts and myths

– Surgical masks are not effective in preventing transmission. Only n95 masks have an airtight seal that can prevent airborne exposure. 





Michael Osterholm (Director of centre for infectious disease research and policy, author of Deadliest Enemy) on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast:


Peter Hotez (expert in viral disease) on The Drive podcast with Peter Attia:


Interesting perspective (we will be investigating further):


– Deadliest Enemy: our war against killer germs by Michael Osterholm

– The Invisible Rainbow: A history of electricity and life (arriving soon at our office)

Websites (click to visit site):

– Center for infection disease research and policy (CIDRAP) – COVID19 resource centre

– World Health organization website: Advice for the public