TFC App is about creating a platform where the only thing you need to invest in order to rediscover optimal health is your time.

Time learning about how the body works, how to do basic maintenance on yourself, and how to prevent injuries and disease by living according to your biology. Our job is to guide you along the way.

The mission with TFC App is to create a platform that organizes all of content and delivers it to you in a personalized way based on your profile. Have an ankle issue you want to learn about? Select ankle in your profile interests and all of our current videos, blogs, podcasts and answers to common questions related to ankles will show up in your education feed so you have everything you need to understand your way out of problems.


It won’t be an easy mission – developing a complex ecosystem that delivers a great user experience is no simple task. With that said, our dedicate App team and global network of Foot Nerds feel its simply too important to back down.


MORE INFO COMING SOON on features we’re working on for the 2019 public release (current goal: November)


– TFC team