Thoughts on Health: Accountability

Everyday we face decisions. Small decisions, big decisions – each of them with a result based on the choices made.

Your body belongs to you. It is the physical vehicle you navigate the world with during the short time you have on this planet and how well your body functions is a complete reflection of the decisions you have made about how to use it on a daily basis.

The decision to sit, to move, about what you put in your mouth, about what you wear on your feet……these are all decisions that are made by you.

Accountability is the acknowledgement and assumption of responsibility for your actions and decisions. Your health is completely within your control but you need to be accountable for it.

Humans can only make good decisions when they have good information. That’s our mission at TFC – to provide honest, truthful and quality information about how your decisions can affect your health. The benefits of choosing movement over static positions, of natural footwear over conventional footwear, of avoiding the accumulation of time spent sitting, of sleeping 8 hours per night, of consuming real food that our bodies are adapted to process and use for fuel.

We can give you the information but its up to you to make good decisions. Start making better decisions today and you have taken the first step to reclaiming a body that will bring you through life without breaking down.




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  • Caeredwen


    Just wanted to say that I’m a Bowen therapist in the UK and I find your stuff really informative, as well as being very useful to educate my clients about posture, biology and why they need to come and see me!

    If too many people read your site though I might not have a practice – so ease off, would you? 😀

  • Nada

    Hello yourself. Am curious about what I can learn from you as I have collapsed metatarsals and do use orthotics designed in a Birkenstock fashion. Plantar fasciitis not an issue, but I never see anything about metatarsals. And I have a bunion on one foot. How do I understand where you are coming from in terms of healing my feet?

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