— Applications now closed for Feb group —


Next round of program applications begin in May 2019 for the June group of 25. To be placed on a notification list to receive updates about the next application window email footnerd2019@gmail.com


Module 1 is available for download below and contains more information about the program including why we created the program, tuition fees, the curriculum, benefits of being a foot nerd and more.

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The TFC Foot Nerd program is about teaching teachers and connecting people.

Its about empowering any human to understand the simplicity of optimal health and help others.

Our team of therapists over at TFC HQ in Ottawa have spent the last 3 years learning as much as possible about effectively restoring the health of the human foot.

After 3 years of science (not just the kind that you read in a journal – real, objective, proven science by working on ourselves and patients we treat), our team has witnessed results to the point that we feel confident sharing it with others as an effective approach to improve the function of the human machine starting at the feet. We don’t claim to know everything or have the best approach but we do know that it WORKS and its based on logic, reason, use of the scientific method, physiological and biological consideration and an unbiased mission to restore strong, functional and painfree feet.

The Foot Nerd program delivers an online training program that gives you access to what we’ve learned until now (and continue to learn) and will eventually help connect you with people in need of help.

You don’t need to be a health professional to be a foot nerd although physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists and movement coaches are great candidates.

We’re aiming for a Q1 2019 program launch open to anyone who wants to learn how to help others restore optimal foot and hip function. Curriculum includes online education modules, audio podcasts, recommended readings and an appendix of videos. Graduating from the program includes being listed on our online global Foot Nerd registry and the eventual opportunity to teach workshops and seminars around the world (and get paid to do it !!!!).

First round of selections will be made in February 2019. Priority application will be given to people who have taken a TFC seminar and 2019 program enrolment will be limited to 100 people (25 in feb, 25 in June, 50 in October)

To get on a notification list for updates on the program email tfcfootnerd@gmail.com


Preliminary concepts

In a perfect world we would do this and not worry about making money but the reality is that in order for the education platform to grow, reach more people and change the world of health (starting at the feet), we need revenue. Our mission is to find a balance where we share the profits with people contributing to TFC, avoid seeking excessive profits and eventually crowdfund a company on a global scale that works for the people.

Prelim program details:

-TFC Foot Nerd package will include: Access to online education videos (initial training + monthly update from TFC HQ), access to schedule Skype exam 30 days after access given to online education videos.

-20 minute skype exam scheduled with Nick to obtain final certification as a TFC foot nerd. Questions will cover the basic expectations required to educate and guide someone having foot issues. Exam can be taken unlimited amounts of time until a candidate successfully meets expectations, exams can be scheduled maximum once a month.

-When a candidate successfully passes the Skype exam they will be sent a TFC Foot nerd package that includes:

  1. 2019 listing on our online TFC Foot Nerd global registry. Categorized by geographic location, each inidividual listing includes your name, profession, a short bio, your email (optional), and instagram profile. Your listing allows people in your area to contact you for information or to schedule an in person session (eventually this will be handled though our “TFC Connect” platform)
  2. Swag pack – includes a TFC Foot nerd T-shirt, 10 pack of toe spreaders, 5 pack of foot restoration kits, personal discount cards, personal balance beam.
  3. Personal discount codes: 25% off footwear (2 pairs for the first year), 25% off accessories (max 6 orders in first year)
  4. Patient/customer discount code: 10% off anything at tfc-shop.com on which you get a 5% reward (to start) on all purchases made with your discount. Year 2019 commissions are issued first as a refund of your Foot Nerd program registration fees then as a credit for purchases made at tfc-shop.com. After your first year of being a TFC foot Nerd you can choose to have your rewards paid in digital currency.

-After 3 months of being a foot nerd you can access workshop education videos online and have the opportunity to organize workshops in your area with a reward of 15% of workshop revenue generated.

– TFC Foot Nerd Camp: Annual retreat for instructors and top performing foot nerds. A meeting of movers to discuss and progress our seminars, training system, and most importantly – connect with other humans that are part of the global TFC community and have fun. These will be non profit and held at some amazing destinations.



The FN program will be a [net zero] division of TFC. This means that TFC simply acts to oversee the program and provide staff to administer it. This includes a transparent program budget for resource allocation and publicly available quarterly financials.





Nick, Chief Foot Nerd.