Hey TFC followers,

To get you the best barefoot shoes at the best prices we created tfc-shop.com.

The store features foot healthy barefoot footwear and affordable foot health accessories.


Why open an online store?

Our team of physical therapists had a goal 2 years ago: Create a free online education platform to empower all humans with the knowledge they need to fix their feet and understand how to avoid damaging them in future. Our TFC therapists don’t get paid to create the content – they do it because they have a passion for giving people the information they need to independently escape pain.

We get hundreds of weekly emails with questions about footwear and peoples individual struggles with foot pain. Without paying our therapists for their time we can’t get around to all of them. The online store is the natural evolution in our effort to create a company that works for the people. Selling quality products to members for as cheap as we can and using the profits to expand our free foot health content.


The Foot Collective: A company that works for you, not to make profits for investors

Starting 2018 we’re launching a new pricing model at TFC Shop: Membership pricing.

TFC membership will be an annual fee of $50 which gets you 25% off all footwear (up to 6 pairs per year), a free foot restoration kit with your first purchase and member rewards based on how much you spend.

Stay tuned for the TFC membership launch in December 2017 for Canada and January 2018 for the USA.


To get better we need your feedback

Running an online store is a first for our team. We’re going to work as hard as we can to deliver the best experience possible – same day shipping, the best possible styles, an efficient machine to let us charge you less for the products we believe in. We’re going to make mistakes initially but will do everything we can to correct them. To get better we need your feedback – send emails (positive or negative) to shop@thefootcollective.com to let us know how we’re doing and what we can do to improve the experience. Every comment is welcomed and we’re grateful for you taking the time to write them.



Nick St Louis

Physical therapist and creator of The Foot Collective