Seminars & Workshops allow our instructors to deliver a hands on session where anyone willing to join us can learn and more importantly experience restoring and rewiring their feet and hips. We offer a single day 6 hour seminar which covers a deep understanding of foot + hip optimization as well as shorter 2 hour workshops.

Both sessions are directed and open to anyone: Runners, lifters, athletes of any kind, physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians and anyone else that wants to improve their own feet & hips or help others do the same.

If you’re interested in hosting a session at your facility or have a group of people in your area looking to learn, please email to inquire further.

Upcoming Seminars and workshops (Click the session to register):

-Toronto: Saturday July 28, 2018 (SOLD OUT)

– [workshop] Longbeach, California: August 16, 2018 (SOLD OUT)

-Toronto: Sunday September 16, 2018

-Winnipeg: Saturday October 13, 2018

– [Workshop 1.0] Montreal. Sunday October 21, 2018

-London, UK: Saturday November 10, 2018 (SOLD OUT)

-Aberdeen, Scotland: Sunday November 11,2018

-Dublin, Ireland: Tuesday November 13, 2018 (Sold out)

-Halifax, Canada: Sunday November 18, 2018

– [Workshop 1.0] Windsor, Canada: Sunday November 25, 2018

-Vancouver, Canada: Sunday December 2, 2018 (Sold out)

-Melbourne, Australia: Sunday Dec 16, 2018

-Brisbane, Australia: Saturday Dec 29, 2018 


2019 schedule

– Sydney, Australia: Saturday January 5, 2019

– New Providence, NJ: Saturday January 26, 2019

– Santa Monica, California: Saturday February 9, 2019

[Workshop 1.0] Santa Barbara, California: Sunday February 10, 2019

-Scottsdale, Arizona: Feb 22, 2019



Miami, FL: Sunday March 3, 2019

Teaching at Caveman Strong retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica (March 9-17)

– [Workshop 1.0] Kauai, Hawaii: Saturday March 23

Maple Grove, MN. Sunday March 31, 2019



Toronto, Canada: April 6, 2019

Ottawa, Canada: April 13, 2019

Concord, California: Saturday April 27, 2019



– Edmonton, Canada: May 18, 2019

[Workshop 1.0] Miami, FL: Saturday May 25, 2019



Seattle, Washington: June 9, 2019

– [Workshop 1.0] Denver, Colorado: June 22, 2019

– Denver, Colorado: June 23, 2019



– New York, New York: Sunday July 7, 2019

– Bangkok, Thailand: Saturday July 13, 2019

– Chicago, IL: Sunday July 28, 2019



– [tentative] Moscow, Russia {POSTPONED TO 2020}

– [tentative] Tampa, Florida



– Anchorage, Alaska: Saturday September 14, 2019



– Columbus, Ohio: Saturday October 20, 2019

– Boston: Saturday October 26, 2019



Toronto, Canada: November 2, 2019

London, UK: November 17, 2019

– [Tentative] Birmingham UK

– [tentative] Edinburgh, Scotland

– [tentative] Ireland



– [tentative] Vancouver, Canada

– [tentative – Workshop 1.0] Whistler, Canada


Below is a topic outline for our seminar and current workshop offerings:

TFC seminar

Each seminar is 6.5 hours long (including a 30 minute lunch break) and is broken down into 5 blocks that are a blend of lecture and hands on. The topics for each block are as follows:

B1: Introduction – The vision for TFC, Baseline tests (ankle mobility, hip stability, squat), Why feet matter, treatment vs. prevention, the footwear problem, pain science

B2: Foot – Anatomy 101, why our feet stop working, current treatment, restoring and re-integrating your feet, restoring ankle mobility

B3:  Hip – Anatomy 101, hip & foot relationship, hip dysfunction, restoring hip mobility and stability, re-integrating the hip and foot

B4: Walking & Running – Hardware requirements for walking, walking drills, optimal human running technique

B5: Training – Barefoot training, movement categories, beam work, foot-centric weight training, footwork, creating mutant strong hips and feet

Each session is instructed by actively practicing physical therapists with a special interest in the health and function of the human foot.

TFC Workshops (2hours, $90 CAD per person)

Workshop 1.0: Introduction to restoring your feet & hips

Workshop 1.0 is designed to deliver a practical understanding of:

-Footwear (consequences of poor footwear, features of optimal footwear)

-Feet: Why they are an important body part, foot dysfunction, moving away from orthotics, restoring your feet, restoring a strong arch

-Hips: Consequences of sitting, how your hips control your feet, restoring and maintaining functional hip mobility, key hip mobilizations and programming them, training hip stability

*Workshop 2.0: Ankle mobility

*Workshop 2.1: Hip mobility

*Workshop 2.2: Running

*Workshop 2.3: Hip stability training

*We strongly recommend taking Workshop 1.0 before any 2.0 series workshop. The 1.0 gives a base level of knowledge that we build upon for the 2.0 series workshops.


TFC Team