Seminars allow our TFC therapists to deliver a more in depth foot health session to our followers and fellow health professionals. We offer a single day 6 hour seminar which covers every aspect of foot health and performance.

The course is directed and open to anyone: Runners, lifters, athletes of any kind, physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians and anyone else that wants to improve their feet or help others improve their foot health.

If you have a group of 10 or more people interested in registering for a course and a facility willing to host please email to schedule a date.

Refreshed 2018 TFC seminar

Each seminar is 7 hours long (includes 1 hour lunch break) and is broken down into 6 blocks. Each 1 hour block is roughly 20 minutes of lecture, 35 minutes of hands on interactive and a 5 minute break. The topics for each block are as follows:

B1: Introduction – Why TFC was created, our mission, why feet, basics of foot function, foot anatomy, self assessment

B2: Foot dysfunction – Why our feet stop working, current treatment, causes, solution (30 min)

B3: The Hip – Hip to foot connection, hip dysfunction, causes, restoring hip mobility and stability, re-integrating the hip and foot (1h 30 min)


B4: Foot restoration – Offsetting shoes, barefoot lifestyle, joint mobility, muscle resets, programming foot restoration, restoring your arch, foot core, ankle mobility

B5: Training – Creating mutant strong feet and stable hips

B6: Running & Footwear – Footwear 101, what to avoid, transitioning to barefoot footwear, running mechanics and effects of footwear on human running mechanics, common running injuries

Each course is instructed by actively practicing physical therapists with a special interest in the health and function of the human foot. Seminars are limited to 1 per month and are booked on a first come first serve basis.

Per person registration cost:

Local Ottawa seminars at our TFC facility: $170

Seminars held in Ottawa at non TFC location: $185

Seminars within 2 hours of Ottawa: $195

Toronto: $215

Rest of Canada: Fees determined once hosting location is confirmed and based on normal registration rates plus therapist travel expenses.

To inquire about hosting a TFC seminar (Canada, USA or international) email for more information about scheduling a date. We offer great perks to hosting facilities as compensation for hosting a seminar.

Cities of Interest for 2018:

-Canada: Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver

-USA: New York City, Miami, Pittsburgh

-International: Melbourne, Sydney, Lagos, Lisbon


For any questions about the course or to inquire about hosting a course, get in touch by emailing



TFC Team