Seminars allow our TFC therapists to deliver a more in depth foot health session to our followers and fellow health professionals. We offer a single day 6 hour seminar which covers every aspect of foot health and performance.

The course is directed and open to anyone: Runners, lifters, athletes of any kind, physical therapists, personal trainers, physicians and anyone else that wants to improve their feet or help others improve their foot health.

Our courses are scheduled based on demand and to begin we’re doing them by request only. If you have a group of 20 or more people interested in registering for a course and a facility willing to host please email to schedule a date.

Our current fee structure to cover all course expenses are as follows:

Canada: Location dependent, email for a quote

USA: $3000 USD per seminar (max registration of 25 participants) which covers travel and pay for our TFC therapists. The average registration fee charged by facilities is $215 per person (14 participants to break even, anything extra is kept by the hosting business) and we offer discounted accessories and footwear to anyone taking the course. 50% deposit due to reserve a date, balance payable up to 1 week before the course.

International: email for a quote

Topics Covered

-Intro: human foot 101, why our feet are important, why foot problems are so common

-Footwear: Optimal footwear, what to look for, what to avoid, everyday and sport specific footwear, transitioning from traditional to minimal/barefoot footwear

-Foot health restoration: tissue work, ankle mobility, foot mobility, foot strengthening, restoring your arch

-Running: injury prevention, technique, barefoot running

**Extra topics: Glutes, orthotics, performance foot training, bunions, plantar fasciitis


Each course is instructed by actively practicing physical therapists with a special interest in the health and function of the human foot. Seminars are limited to 1 per month and are booked on a first come first serve basis.

For any questions about the course or to inquire about hosting a course, get in touch by emailing



TFC Team